Sunday, November 21, 2004

New source added

New source has been added. Its a strange and slow running realtime 3D engine for flash mx 2004. Its not meant to do anything serious with it.

Mbenney Timer 2k4

New tutorial/source has been added. A Flash MX 2004 version of the Mbenney timer from, using AS 2.0.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

GTA style engine

The major bugs of the tile engine have been fixed. The latest version is uploaded, same link as always.

GTA style engine

Lots of things are updated and work a little faster now. Some new bugs have occured and will be fixed as soon as possible. But it s a definite improvement in my opinion. The major (new) bug is actually, that some tiles (or at least one) moves when it should not. I cant explain this phenomenon yet nor fix it. But I'm of course working on it.

The latest testversion of the GTA game is uploaded and available under the same link as always (<==).

Stay tuned

Updated Sprite, Big_Tile and Tengine Class

All the important things are updated now. All thats missing is a slightly different unloading proceture and then it will be uploaded.

Tiles Engine

I am updating the tiles engine again. Once more there should be a big performance improvement. :) This also brings a new class type with it.

Big Welcome!

A big welcome to the new member in the "club", Bad Jaz.
Soon there will be some more sections to the site and may be a new layout. Stay tuned for updates.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Site / Deadlinks

The last deadlinks have been removed. There was a slight problem with the hosting of images and linking them to the site, which is solved now. Again sorry for the deadlinks you may have had.

GTA style: Sprite Class

The sprite class is up to date now. Whats missing is some slight changements in the update and unload procetures but soon there will be guns (which already work exept for some hittesting and sprite unloading..). As soon as some major bugs and other small problems are solved/fixed the gta link will be updated with the latest version.

Screenshots Revised

Here Are some Screenshots of the previous versions, to compare and also show how it will be like/was. But of course this is only engine based stuff. The real game graphics will be different.

Early Beta 2:

Early Beta 3:

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


The sprite class is experiencing serious performance improvement. But since there are lots of sprites its not completed yet. Be prepared for some more extra fps and smoother frame sync. :)

Monday, November 15, 2004

New look

The site has a nice green new look, how do you like it?

SetInterval VS EnterFrame

SetInterval VS EnterFrame in the GTA style game, using AS 2.0.
Compare the speed for yourself. I had around 8 fps more with SetInterval. So I think it might be faster.

The site is fully repaired :)

All the deadlinks from the site breakdown are repaired. The source downloads work again too.
There's also a new (unused) guestbook, so feel free to post.
Hopefully the broadband wont get maxed out again so fast, the site was just up for three days and already broke down before it was even really finished (it still aint but this does take some time). But what would one expect from free tripod webspace hosting...

Site Problems

The site was down for a while because there was to much traffic. Its soon fully working again but yet only most links work (source downloads dont).

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Well I just wanted to apologize for the deadlinks you may have had lateley. These problems should be solved for now. Anyways I just started making this site so it might look a little like a building site until its done. Tutorials are added as they are written so alway check for new ones. :)

New Tutorial/Source Added

New Tutorial/Source Added:
A different way for hittesting, using AS 2.0 was added. All the links to the source should work now, sorry for the 404 :).

Saturday, November 13, 2004

GTA style engine

And once again the tiles engine got optimized with another slight performance improvement. Now the state of the tiles engine could be declared as almost complete, since there is nothing much left to improve the performance. There are no more nasty 2D arrays, only single dimensional ones since this will garant faster access.

News: GTA style game

I did some engine tweaking, its still unfinished and not completely optimized but the tiles engine runs slightly faster as entities loading and unloading.
Every feedback, speedtest and comment is welcome. So feel free to post your test results, opinion or feedback in the ShoutBox.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Expanded Links Section

The links section got a little expanded. If you think there's an important site/url missing feel free to post it in the shoutbox.

.fla Source

I added some .fla source files. There will be more made in time but it should be enough for now.


I added some drafts and sketches which I drew in highschool, after getting my first hyper pen :). Its really nice how you can draw with it in flash but the vectors get huge and drawing gets slow if your painting lots of lines.


Like you might already have seen, there are some enhancements to the blogg :).
Counters and a shoutbox.
As to the shoutbox, feel free to post comments about any games movies intros you liked, played or watched.
Also feel free to post a simple hello in the shoutbox when visiting the site.

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Welcome to the site, here I will publish stuff thats in development old stuff and other things.
Once i get the time I will also add some flash sources and tutorial like stuff.

Latest project: GTA style flash game
The development is going fine so far, but I also had lots of setbacks due to heavy engine change/enhancement.


This is the first :).