Tuesday, January 30, 2007

RTS engine

I've been toying with another rts game engine recently. So far a lot of the basic things seem to work but graphically its nowhere. May be this will develop into something playable, yet its not possible to determine how it will run as the game rules and AI are not implemented yet (except for low level AI). Plans are big and many features and story elements on the draftboard. The main goal is to make an improved version of Cave Cult that might finally be accepted as an RTS game. :)
The screenshot to the left doesnt represent the final game graphics at all, they could be completely changed during the developing process.

It's been a while....

...since the last post. But a lot has happened since then, like my main harddisk refusing to continue doing its job. In plain text: "All my stuff is gone."
Unfortunatelly mostly everything of the GTA style game source was lost in the hdd-crash. May be I'll pick up the project again sometime in the future but definatelly not now, as the setback was to huge. The only thing left is an undebugged car physics class. :i

I hope you like the new blog format, as it might be easier to read the posts now.