Thursday, February 01, 2007

Real Time Strategy (RTS) Game

Good news everyone,
so far the basic engine for the economics system, building of units and buildings works. Altough before working on the graphics there is still a huge step to take. The artificial intelligence, as it would be boring playing a game without an opponent. This might be the most complicated part of the engine as the AI has to work with low performance usage on one side, on the other it should give the player some competition without having to cheat. Well okay, a tiny bit of cheating will be necessary when dealing with flash, and neural networks ect. are no option. Basically the AI will be divided into 2 main modules with several sub levels. As those two are:
1) Economical Management
2) War Strategic Unit
While the first module takes care of organizing the worker units and building the infra structure, the Strategic unit will try to defend the tribe and try to weaken and finally extinct the player. Sounds simple, but well its not simple at all! :)
I might post more details about each unit once their further developped, yet I just started working on the AI.