Friday, June 08, 2007

CCE AS 3.0

I must say, Actionscrip 3.0 does a great deal on performance. It is fascinating how smooth cave cult evolution ran with lots of tiny cavemen and women running around doing stuff.
The tile engine had to be optimized for getting more performance out of it but it was worth the effort aswell. Most of the other engine parts could be adapted and easily modified to the new action script standards. The pathfinder was written new from scratch but also does a much smoother job now. The AI is not totally implemented as in the latest AS 2.0 version of the game yet but is halfway done. Combat units are missing aswell at the moment but the whole combat functions will be redone and modified anyhow. Mainly the troop movement and formations to groups should get improved and general combat maneuvers and strategies for the AI. The fancy user GUI stuff will be added later as the whole concern is getting the AI working nicely at the moment while supporting several computer opponents at once, and may be bigger map standards.