Sunday, July 01, 2007

Minor Setback...

Unfortunatelly I had to put the Real Time Strategy (RTS) game project named Cave Cult Evolution on hold. This is only temporarily and because of the exams at the university as to another project.
At the moment I am working on the second episode of the "The Exchange Student" Adventure Game. Visit for further info.

Episode 1 of The Exchange Student is already released and there is a free demo available and the full version is only 10$. Basically it is an Adventure Game in the oldschool style of "Lucas Art" or "Sierra" Adventures (like: "Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the last crusade/fate for atlantis, Sam & Max, Larry's Leisure Suit).

There are some really skilled people working on the project and a lot of effort is put into it, although the planed released date for episode 2 was back in october 2006.
From a game developer point of view I have to admit, that it is quiet fun to work on these kinds of games although it also requires more testing then ever.