Friday, October 12, 2007

"The Exchange Student: Episode 2" Released!

Yippee Ki Yay, Motherfucker! Finally The Exchange Student Episode 2 got released, here are the news from the official website:

"Episode 2: Point Club Released!
Thursday, 11 October 2007
Last time Emilio went to bed was August 2006 and now he wakes up in October 2007. That's why the developers have seen to it that Emilio won't be falling asleep at all during Episode 2! Joking aside, the PC version of the second episode is finally here, available for all of you to download. The Macintosh version will follow in the next few days. It has taken a long time until we could finally release Episode 2. The main reason for this was that the developers wanted to change the second episode to the better based on the criticism received for Episode 1. Microsoft's brilliant idea to release Vista right in the middle of the game's development, which meant more testing, more bugs to fix and more problems for our coder also played a role in the delay of the release. But all this belongs to the past and Emilio can now continue his 'ot adventures in Sweden!"

You can download the trial version of the game at the official website.
A lot of effort was put into the last bug fixes and making the game work properly on windows xp, vista and mac osx.
There were some fatal errors in the coding of the previous programmer who worked on it, which also produced some critical bugs that needed to be fixed. Basically the whole engine should be refactored or may be even rewritten to make the next few versions of the game run propperly and add additional features which in my opinion are definatelly missing to make it a real classic adventure.
The handling of data and artwork and combining the logic was a real mess with the current engine though it still was doable in the end.
But for any programmer writing an adventure game engine I strongly advice to keep content separated from code and add editors which feature runtime scripting or may be even a nice fancy debug console to tune the game as this can save you a lot of work in the longer run.
The worst is having to deal with flash vectorart movieclip graphics, using spritesheets and decent pixelart is a ways better way to go in means of programming and making it easier to script the levels. Anyhow as I am not allowed to go further into detail or discuss the TES engine thats all I can state for now ;).