Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CC07 - Currently on hold

Hello again everyone,

as usual it's been ages again since the last blog post. Anyhow I want to ensure you that there has still been progress on Cave Cult Evolution (CC07) but yet it had to be put on hold for the moment.

Here is a screenshot of the thing that was made about 2 months ago:

Either way, now you might ask yourself why the game is put on hold. The answer is simple... another game. The development is on hold because I rather focus on one game at a time and want to finish another game before CC07.

The game will be a sequel to an older game called DieFlash (if some of you remember it), namely DieFlash 2 is in the workings. There has been quiet a lot of progress on DF2 though the main issue is finding an artist for the artwork.

Generally I have a feeling that flash "point and click shooters" might be out of date nowadays, with all the fancy raycaster and 3D shooters coming out lately. On the other hand I simply can't resist making this sequel as I had meant to do it 3 years ago and never got to it.
How will it be able to stand out with all the other shooters out there... I don't know and may be it won't but one thing is clear, I am trying to pack in as much action as can be fit performance wise. :)

Current Engine Features:
- Pathfinding
- Dynamic Masks
- "Perspective Mapping"
- Particle Physics
- IK (Ragdoll) Physics
- external handling of data with definition files (whew this is just relieving to modify assets)
- Virtual Script Engine: Makes it easy to change levels cut scenes and what not ever...
- Level Editor

If you pack this all together you can imagine that it would/will be very easy to make sequels or other shooters with the very same engine.

DieFlash2 Preview

Hopefully I will get to post more often on the progress in the future either way stay tuned!