Friday, March 27, 2009

Artificial Neural Network v2.0

After a long discussion about evolution with someone I remembered the NN Ants experiment and couldn't resist doing an updated version in Action Script 3.0 .

Neural Networks are a pretty neat tool for AI purposes, yet its a pain to debug and tune.

Watch ants evolve and learn how to pick up crums. A simple process using a Feed Forward - Artificial Neural Network (ANN) with 1 input, 1 hidden layer with 6 nodes and 2 outputs.

If the population reaches the approximate maximum stage of skill the genetic algoritm gets stopped and the crums eaten up. After that you can click to place crums and watch how the ants react.

May be I will have a go at some more experiments and different approaches of problem solving. Also a contextual memory would be neat, but then again the performance of flash is still limited.

Example App (no preloader beware):
ANN v 2.0